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Graduation - Ortho Scholar

Ortho Scholar sponsors $1,000 college scholarships that are structured in a manner to prompt students into generating real world solutions to various obstacles found within the business realm and professional field of orthodontia, specifically within the areas of orthodontic marketing, local promotion, and orthodontist websites. The scholarships are funded by Ortho Scholar and by various orthodontists across the United States. Those orthodontists may have access to the student essay submissions and may choose to implement the solutions presented by the students.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

Apply For Our Scholarships:

Orthodontist Patient Referral Scholarship
Orthodontist Online Review Scholarship
Memorable Orthodontic Experience Scholarship
Orthodontist Social Media Scholarship
Orthodontist Website Referral Scholarship
Orthodontist Marketing Strategy Scholarship

Scholarship Award Handling:

Graduate Student - Orthodontist Scholarships

Our Orthodontic Marketing Scholarships are funded by Ortho Scholar and by various orthondontists' contributions to provide a minimum of two $1,000 awards annually to the combined pool of applicants for the above scholarships. Ortho Scholar manages the applications and selects the award winners based on the student essay responses.

Ortho Scholar will notify the scholarship award winners by May 15th, at which time the award winner must verify attendance at his/her declared college. After verification, Ortho Scholar will deposit the scholarship reward into the award winner's account at his/her college according to the default guidelines set forth by the college.

Scholarship Feedback:

Please contact us if you run into problems with, or have any suggestions for, our scholarships.

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