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Orthodontic Marketing Services Summary

Ortho Scholar Marketing is a specialized division of VeCaAd marketing services and uses highly-focused orthodontic advertising strategies. We are currently offering free access to our Website Marketing Tutorial - Increase Your Website's Sales by Over 500%.

Our orthodontic marketing services are so solid and effective that we back them with our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, Risk-Free Trial and our No Hassle Cancellation Policy! Sign up today and start enjoying the freedom and stability of continuous new orthodontic clientele obtained through our professionally proven orthodontic marketing strategies:

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Highly Effective Referral Programs

Orthodontic practices generally cannot offer referral incentives due to state restrictions and guidelines set by the American Association of Orthodontists. Despite this obstacle, Ortho Scholar sets up and shows orthodontists how to correctly structure and implement promotional tactics that greatly increase their number of natural patient referrals. The same marketing tactics are also known to inspire strong brand loyalty, generate online customer reviews, and provide something for the orthodontic practice to talk about on social media.

Powerful Search Engine Optimization

We'll provide your website with the power and relevance it needs to get to the top of the search engines. We have 7 years of experience in modifying websites and producing the positive ranking factors that all the major search engines approve of and look for.

Complete Website Sales Optimization

Visitors often lose their way on websites that fail to build trust and lack the basics of professional design. This characteristic is increasingly more vital, as many orthodontist's websites completely fall flat in their attempt at building the potential patients' trust and then further neglect to provide website visitors with a clear sales path. We turn our orthodontist's websites into clean, clear and efficient lead generators that produce substantially more contacts than ever before.

Positive Online Review Stimulation

The average person doesn't think to write a review about even an extremely positive experience that he/she has at an orthodontic practice. The key is to simply ask your patients for a review, and then make it overly convenient for them to complete your request, without being annoying about it. We supply our orthodontists with the tried-and-true systems that are known to greatly increase the number of online reviews written by patients. Just think of what a bunch of reviews on Yelp, Google, Angie's List, Yahoo!, and many others could do for your business!

Powerful Social Media Development

Most orthodontic practices simply don't have anything interesting to talk about or even remotely worth following on social media. The easiest solution is to do or host something at your orthodontic practice that is worth talking about. We help orthodontists set up regular events or ongoing programs in their offices that people are naturally interested in sharing with friends and following on social media.

Increase Community Awareness

Orthodontic practices regularly fail to let their local community know that they even exist! The promotional tactics outlined above provide orthodontic practices with a strong foundation in their community's awareness and overall success. Again, it's important to let people know about your orthodontic practice without being annoying about it... so focus on letting people know in ways that also benefit them.

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