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Press Release:

VeCaAd Now Owns Ortho Scholar Marketing

The Ortho Scholar Orthodontic Marketing business, license, system, and website are now owned by VeCaAd Marketing.

VeCaAd intends to continue running Ortho Scholar in the same manner it has been run in the past, which includes providing high-quality services and results.

About Us: At Ortho Scholar, we provide specialized marketing and advertising services for orthodontic practices. Many of our marketing and advertising strategies are professionally proven to drastically increase sales. Some of our strategies include highly effective referral programs, powerful search engine optimization, complete website sales optimization, positive online review stimulation, powerful social media development, and increasing community awareness.

We have achieved our high results by consulting orthodontists and developing specialized strategies and tactics to take advantage of advertising methods that many orthodontic practices don't think to use or explore. While experimenting with new strategies, Ortho Scholar is careful to work within the guidelines set by the American Association of Orthodontists, and all state restrictions on advertising methods for organizations that take insurances as a form of payment.

VeCaAd intends to preserve the Ortho Scholar Orthodontic Marketing system to follow the level of service previously provided by Ortho Scholar, by continuing to offer Ortho Scholar's Risk Free Trial, No Hassle Cancellation Policy, Free Marketing Tutorial, and contracts that don't lock clients into long-term services. VeCaAd is confident in its ability to continue providing the high quality results of Ortho Scholar.